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CEO of AMC Adam Aron took to twitter to announce more exciting news for AMC shareholders and customers that Perfectly Popcorn is in production and the public will soon be able to find it in retail locations for purchase. Aron has led the popular movie theater chain since 2016 and continues to excite shareholders with AMC’s continuous expansion and innovation. Shareholders love Adam Arons dedication to the company and the fact that he’s always taking to twitter to engage with shareholders on big news and new ideas.

This week we’ve seen AMC’s stock price increase again. AMC stock price closed at $6.20 today, which is up about 16.54% in the last week. Shareholders are hoping that the news of AMC’s Perfectly Popcorn hitting the production line will help continue to boost the stock price through next week. 

It has not yet been announced what stores will carry Perfectly Popcorn, or when exactly consumers can expect to see it on the shelves. However seeing as though CEO Adam Aron took to twitter to share the video of Perfectly Popcorn on the production line, it may be safe to assume it’ll be soon in 2023. 

Historically within the last two years, AMC seems to continuously make innovative moves to push the movie theater chain company further ahead. Around this time last year, Adam Aron announced to investors that AMC was making an investment in the gold and silver mining company Hycroft Mining Holding Corp. 

AMC has discussed that ticket revenue is getting closer and closer to pre-pandemic levels. Box office sales in 2022 was impressive, due to highly anticipated films like Batman, THOR:LOVE AND THUNDER, MINIONS: THE RISE OF GRU, TOP GUN: MAVERICK, JURASSIC WORLD DOMINION, ELVIS and THE BLACK PHONE. 

Last year, July 7th – July 10th was one of the highest attended weekends by moviegoers in 2022 in the United States. Globally, the movie chain company had 5.9 million movie attendees in that given weekend. 

After a record breaking weekend, Adam Aron suggested that the high volume of box office tickets that were sold solidifies the fact that consumers do in fact still want a riveting, experience of movie theaters. Consumers seek to have the adrenaline rush of watching a new release on oversized screens, roaring sound and comfortable seats — with popcorn in hand. 

With all this good news of AMC, it’s no wonder the stock price was up this week. The release of Perfectly Popcorn may be just what AMC needs to get back the momentum on an upward trend.


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