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AMC Stock CEO Adam Aron dropped a bombshell of a tweet Saturday October 15th. Adam Aron tweeted “Yesterday AMC took a VERY important step. Our new APE preferred units gave us the confidence to pay off $106 million of debt. Took on $400 million of new debt due 2027, replacing $506 million due in 2023. Reducing debt and extending maturities is vital.”

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This tweet came as a shock to AMC Stock investors as AMC’s debt has been something on the agenda or “to do list” for the company to address for some time. Although AMC Ent. is fundamentally stronger than it has been in a long time, the company’s debt is still an easy issue for bears to point out.

With Adam Aron and AMC addressing this debt and paying a major piece of it off and refinancing the rest puts AMC in a stronger position moving forward and should likely give shareholders known as the APES the confidence they need to keep holding.

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This massive AMC Stock news will be interesting to see how the shareholders react. The Company has a lot in the pipeline as of now.


AMC ENT. is not just a movie theater company like many may think, the company is actually more of a holding company which has many businesses if you will within their basket of holdings. Below is a short list of the many streams of income that AMC ENT. Holdings has amassed.

  • Movie theater ticket sales
  • Movie theater concession sales
  • movie theater merchandise (Found inside theaters and online)
  • Perfectly popcorn company (Found in malls and online)
  • HYMC investment (Gold and silver mining stake)

The company has been transformed thanks to the help of CEO Adam Aron and the AMC team, and when investors think about investing in a stock like AMC ent. they need to know exactly what comes along with this asset.

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