The AMC community known as the apes continue to have plenty of reason to believe that AMC will short squeeze still in 2022. If we calculate everything we currently know, from the short interest of around 20% or more, to the fear mongering tactics of mainstream media and the high amount of fails to deliver, we can remain confident that the MOASS is on the horizon.  The market is also looking very oversold and a small bounce from here could turn into a FOMO frenzy for AMC stock.


We know that AMC has been heavily shorted for the past few years and currently is still heavily shorted. Currently AMC’s short interest is at 20.46%. Last year when we saw the AMC stock price surge to $72 per share, the short interest decreased from 20% to 14%. That being said, since the short interest is higher than it was last year during that price surge, we can expect that there may be an even larger surge on the horizon if short interest drops again. A 22.46% short interest refers to the percentage of a stocks float that have been borrowed and are waiting to be closed or bought back. We know that financial institutions have many short positions open with AMC and at some point, will need to close those positions, which will ultimately reduce the short interest and may cause the price to skyrocket. 


AMC ENT. is not just a movie theater company like many may think, the company is actually more of a holding company which has many businesses if you will within their basket of holdings. Below is a short list of the many streams of income that AMC ENT. Holdings has amassed.

  • Movie theater ticket sales
  • Movie theater concession sales
  • movie theater merchandise (Found inside theaters and online)
  • Perfectly popcorn company (Found in malls and online)
  • HYMC investment (Gold and silver mining stake)

The company has been transformed thanks to the help of CEO Adam Aron and the AMC team, and when investors think about investing in a stock like AMC ent. they need to know exactly what comes along with this asset.


Investors were recently told that AMC preferred dividend unit $APE could be offered in order for AMC to raise for money or even potentially pay off some debt. This has been a hot topic and continues to be a main issue of conversation for the Apes of whether or not it is truly the best move or not.

Adam Aron AMC CEO in a tweet said: “Blindly fear dilution? You miss crucial FACTS. In Jan ‘21 AMC issued shares, AMC share price soared. May/June ‘21 more AMC shares, again our stock soared. Stopped selling shares July ‘21, $AMC started a long fall. APEs announced last week, $AMC up again. APEs makes AMC stronger.”

He explains that in the past when AMC issued more shares (or diluted the stock) it actually sent AMC Stock skyrocketing, sort of painting a picture that investors should not “blindly fear dilution” and instead understand all the facts.

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