AMC Stock as well as many other ‘MEME Stocks’ which became very popular in 2021 have been heavily targeted and heavily shorted over the past several months. AMC specifically was heading towards destruction during the lockdowns as liquidity was drying up due to lockdowns and massive, short positions were opened against the company and stock. As CEO Adam Aron said below “because retail investors embraced us and let us raise boatloads of cash. Thank you to retail! You really did save AMC.” Retal truly saved AMC Stock!

Source: Twitter

Since the retail community came together and bought shares of the popular theater chain there has been many trials and tribulations for the stock and its investors. The retail community who owns around 90% of ALL shares of AMC Stock are fed up with the current market structure and lack of oversight as well as market manipulation which takes place. The retail community are everyday investors that truly want nothing more than a free and fair market to trade in.

Here’s a master list of some of the issue the AMC Stock retail investors have uncovered and want more oversight and or changed in the public markets all together. The APES have been digging through all the fine print of everything that has been taking place over the past few years and here are some of the findings and or issue to keep an eye of as of so far:

  1. SEC Rule 203(a)(4)
  2. Payment for order flow (banned or revamped)
  3. Overall Transparency in public markets
  4. More frequent Institutional filings (for more transparency)
  5. Naked Shorting
  6. Spoofing
  7. Short and Distort campaigns
  8. Mainstream media having ties to financial companies
  9. Algorithm trading
  10. Short ETF (Like the ones shorting single name stocks or ETFs)
  11. Dark pool trading
  12. Abusive shorting of a single company
  13. Fails to deliver
  14. Option trading
  15. FUD Media
  16. “Glitches” showing different prices on brokerages
  17. halts

The everyday investors wish to engage in a free and fair stock market where many of these things never happen in the first place. A lot of change seems to be on the horizon… Stay tuned!

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