AMC Stock has had an insane run over the past few years. The stock has been in a recent slump along with the rest of the market trading down near the lows of the year. AMC has the potential to go on another run like investors saw just a few months ago before being halted several times.

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According to Fintel here is the current short interest for AMC Stock. With over 100M shares still being shorted, the stock is still at risk of short squeezing at the first moment of big buying pressure.

Short Interest100,011,800 shares – source: NYSE
Short Interest Ratio3.96 Days to Cover
Short Interest % Float19.41% – source: NYSE (short interest), Capital IQ (float)
Off-Exchange Short Volume11,763,329 shares – source: FINRA (inc. Dark Pool volume)
Off-Exchange Short Volume Ratio51.59% – source: FINRA (inc. Dark Pool volume)
StockAMC Entertainment
Source: Fintel


AMC stock is fundamentally stronger than it has been since before the lockdown, if not even stronger than before in some areas throughout the company which means buying at the price it’s currently trading at could offer upside potential in the near- or long-term future. The underlying company that investors are buying shares of when buying shares of AMC stock has multiple selling points when buying shares of it and here’s a few reasons AMC stock could squeeze in the near-term future.

  1. Very recently AMC CEO Adam Aron announced that AMC ENT. TO OFFER – SELL UP TO 425 MILLION APE PREFERRED SHARES. This has the AMC and APE retail community with mixed feelings on whether they should offer more shares. Although some of the AMC and APE stock retail base is unsure of this offering there are some APES that are creating “theories” that CEO Adam Aron knows exactly what he’s doing and is playing chess not checkers.
  2. HYMC Hycroft mining has announced very promising results a few weeks back when they announced the drilling results. In the tweet down below CEO Adam Aron said “Eureka! In Hycroft’s early efforts, the biggest exploration program there in a decade, they found it! There’s MORE gold in them thar hills.“ and after looking deeper into this Hycroft mining report, the initial results look very promising and seem to show that there should be major profit in the future for $HYMC and AMC.
  3. AMC’s performance this year has been impressive to say the least. With revenue numbers coming in strong and year over year sales where they are, AMC looks to be recovering significantly post covid.


AMC ENT. is not just a movie theater company like many may think, the company is actually more of a holding company which has many businesses if you will within their basket of holdings. Below is a short list of the many streams of income that AMC ENT. Holdings has amassed.

  • Movie theater ticket sales
  • Movie theater concession sales
  • movie theater merchandise (Found inside theaters and online)
  • Perfectly popcorn company (Found in malls and online)
  • HYMC investment (Gold and silver mining stake)

The company has been transformed thanks to the help of CEO Adam Aron and the AMC team, and when investors think about investing in a stock like AMC ent. they need to know exactly what comes along with this asset.

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