AMC Stock has been in a slump lately along with the rest of the stock market. The entire market is down a significant amount since the recent all-time highs which even include household names like $Shop $Meta and even $GOOG.

Source: Google Stocks

AMC Stock has been in the news a lot over the past year. If not for the new “APE” Dividend or the perfectly popcorn business, it’s because of Hycroft mining (One of AMC’s recent investments) finding heavy amount of gold on it’s gold and silver mine recently. It’s no secret that AMC has many streams of income from its portfolio of investments, but let’s talk about AMC theater ticket sales and how the revenue is shaping up in 2022.

Quarterly Growth YoY

Below is AMC’s Quarterly growth report year over year. The amount of growth since the lockdown has been significantly higher than most all mainstream media and short sellers were saying back during the lockdown when the narrative was that movie theaters were going to be something of the past and that streaming services were going to take over, which clearly is not the case.

Source: MacroTrends

Trailing 12 months

Another metric which paints an interesting picture for AMC stock is the trailing 12 months for AMC quarter by quarter. The trailing 12 months revenue is moving into the right direction which massive movies supercharging AMC’s revenue throughout this year.

Source: MacroTrends

The last few months of 2022 are going to be vital for AMC to prove whether or not the stock could be worth much much more than most analyst and financial analysts seem to believe. The list of movies to be rolled out this year could prove to break even more records than what we already have seen this year.

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