Image source: StockSera

The brand new $APE shares that were issued to AMC Stock shareholders just a few weeks back are already in the headlines because of issues the shareholders were worried about.

The AMC and now APE stock community may have uncovered something shocking recently, but first let us paint the picture of what is going on here.

In recent weeks when Adam Aron of AMC went on a tweet storm all about the new APE unit he touched on a topic near and dear to the AMC investor community’s hearts. This is something the AMC investors have been talking about for years now and it’s the idea of synthetic shares.

By AMC launching this new APE unit it by nature had another purpose to it which was to uncover any so-called synthetic shares, if they were to exist.

In the image below you see $APE shares are failing to deliver in massive amounts. Within a 5-day period during the end of August there were over 100 million shares that failed to deliver.

Source: StockSera


There is a lot of data to look through in regard to the data that is being uncovered when it comes to $APE stock, and the AMC and APE community wants this to be looked into ASAP. The data does raise red flags and although we do not know for sure what exactly is going on here, and if or if not, there are synthetic shares or anything nefarious going on. Could a SEC investigation be on the horizon for $APE? Will there be a share recall? Only time will tell.

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