AMC Stock has had numerous rough trading sessions over the past few weeks since the inception of the $APE Dividend. But AMC bears need to also realize the entire market has been selling off since the last fed meeting showcased a possibly hawkish fed in the near to mid future.

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Even with all this RED in the markets (including AMC and APE Stock) Charles Payne spoke out about his AMC and APE position on twitter.

Charles V Payne from the Making Money with Charles Payne show on Fox Business has been defending and fighting for retail investors from the start of the “meme stock mania” back in the early days of 2021. He quickly became one of the only trust mainstream media personalities because of his honest takes, and down to earth personality.

Even in late 2022 Charles Payne is still loud and clear that he wants what is best for the everyday retail investor, and although the average joe might not have the most money or power, he still wants their voices to be heard.

Charles was nice enough to utilize his platform on Fox Business as well as his following on his social media pages to put himself on the front lines and stand with the AMC Stock and Gamestop stockholders, and fight for what they believe is right and fair.

In the tweet below Charles Payne was asked “@cvpayne you still holding with us brother $amc $ape”

Charles then responded with “yep” along with what seems to be his average cost on the $AMC shares.

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This is a hopeful signal to the community of APES and those who are still HODLing. AMC’s OBV has still remained somewhat strong, even with all the massive volatility the stock has experienced. With the recent performance of AMC and APE only time will tell if these will moon like the retail investors hope for.

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