Ever since AMC’s new preferred stock unit ‘APE’ was released a day or so ago, the dynamic duo have been trending down, which is typical. It’s happened many times in the past where AMC’s CEO Adam Aron announces amazing news, and the stock sells off shortly after.

As you see in the chart below, AMC has had a nice run on the monthly chart. Topping out at around $26 per share AMC is down quite a bit from the highs. But not to be confused by the spin off APE shares which did lower AMC’s share price by half. So even though AMC seems to be down quite a bit, in reality it’s not so bad. AMC Stock could be ready to explode any day now.

Source: Google stock

APE Stock always seems like it is ready to move up to new all-time highs soon. The stock has experience massive trading volume since the start joined the market and continues to see tons of trading.

Source: yahoo

How Does Volume Affect Stocks? If a stock with a high trading volume is rising, it means there is buying pressure, as investor demand pushes the stock to higher and higher prices. One the other hand, if the price of a stock with a high trading volume is falling, it means more investors are selling their shares source: SeekingAlpha

$APE seems to have a split consensus as a ton of the AMC community seems to back $APE and root for it to succeed long into the future, where the other side of the community seems to see $APE as nothing more than a ploy to raise money in the future for AMC Ent. and will further dilute the company and the share holders.

Source: Google stock

Both AMC and APE could see serious buying pressure soon. Something to consider is more guidance ahead from CEO of AMC Stock Adam Aron to help explain the future plans for AMC and APE and give the share holders more and more of an idea of what the future could hold.

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