The movie theater chain AMC stock has been front and center in the news today. This is not because of a new blockbuster movie release (although that has been the case recently) But it’s because of the New $APE Unit preferred stock which was to land in all AMC investor’s portfolios sometime during today’s morning trading session.

Source: Twitter

Adam Aron took to twitter shortly after the APE was unleased this morning reminding all investors and twitter followers exactly how this entire process works.

Aron said in a tweet “IMPORTANT! Remember that with the APE already having had its first NYSE trade today, the value now of your AMC holdings consists of the prices of your AMC shares and your new APE units COMBINED. Add together an AMC share plus a new APE unit, compared to just an AMC share before.”

Even though the concept is simple, it still had some investors confused which is understandable with everything going on this morning.


In the Screenshot down below, we see “orders by fidelity customers”

This shows top buys and sells on the retail side of things for fidelity customers, which can be a decent indicator for what the retail investors are mostly trading on any given trading day.

As of around 12est the top #1 and #2 are $APE and $AMC stock which a majority of buy orders VS sell orders.

This shows that within this data set, retail investors are holding both $AMC and $APE well more than they are selling today.


Only time will tell what happens to this new $APE share as well as old faithful AMC stock. But early data shows that retail is still holding strong and waiting for the MOASS.


The day is finally here for AMC Stock investors known as the Apes! The $APE units are live and should have landed inside shareholders brokers. From the start there have been many questions regarding this new APE unit and the AMC community has been speculating for weeks that the day would arrive, and some excited retail investors would be sad to see the $APE units missing from their brokerage accounts.

Scrolling through twitter under the Hashtag #AMC you will find dozens of users sharing that they have not received their APE units from various brokers.

The best thing to do if you are in this group that have not received your APE Units would be to contact your Broker ASAP and demand an explanation on where your APE Unit shares are, and when they will be in your control. Please help spread the word if you have not received your APE unit shares at this time.

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