YES, you read the title correct. Andrew Tate known as ‘TOP G’ On social media announced that he plans to donate a large sum of money to charity. We will explain exactly what this is all about but first some background of Who Andrew Tate even is.

Andrew Tate known as “TATE” or Cobra Tate online former Professional kickboxing champion has recently taken the internet over completely in early 2022. The marketing genius Andrew Tate is not only one of the best in the world when it comes to kickboxing, but also when it comes to gather attention of the masses which has been seen in droves this year. This was no mistake, and the market genius has talked about it in interviews that he had this planned all along… AND that this is just the start!


Source: Cobratate IG

Andrew Tate said in the post:

“For every single like this picture gets I will donate a dollar to BOTH charities.

Let’s use social media to raise money and do something positive instead of just spread smears and pointless hate.

Will post receipts of transfers to the charities in one week from now when the final likes amount has been tallied.

Gs are good for the world.

We protect and we are full of love.

The world is a better place with Gs in it.

And top G has love for all.”

Will this act of kindness bring all of the Andrew Tate haters and all the Andrew Tate fans together once and for all? It seems like an incredibly humble act of kindness from Tate, and really shows his softer and more caring side to the world.

If Andrew Tate really wants to take over the world he is going to need to bring as many people as he can under his wing and truly bring everyone together.

You might be asking… How does Andrew Tate have so much money though? Afterall this post is likely going to get hundreds of thousands of likes right?


Andrew Tate now in his mid-thirties has lived quite a life regardless of your opinions on him. He started from the bottom and worked his way up becoming the kickboxing champ he has always dreamed of, until landing into a position which he sits in today. But Andrew along with many of the ultra-wealthy does not have a single source of income to pay the bills for the lavish life he lives. Most of the ultra-wealthy find that relying on a single or even a few sources of income can become risky, so they like to diversify and own many businesses and many cash flowing assets on top of that. Andrew has made it clear that his Hustler’s university program which cost somewhere of around $50 to join could be currently valued at over $1 Billion dollars alone. This is because of the MRR (monthly recurring revenue) model which it has been brilliantly built upon. Remember though, the “TOP G” has many sources of income… So even if a $1 Billion-dollar MRR business seems like a lot, it is far from all Andrew Tate has running. Andrew also has an ultra-private exclusive group called the War Room which cost thousands to be a member of. As far as other side income Andrew has said that he also owns some real estate, night clubs and other very high cash flowing assets which could be easily generating multi 6 figures for him per month.

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