AMC Stock had quite a whirlwind of a trading week last week, with the beloved theater chain stock rising over 18% in share price on Friday alone!

AMC Stock’s new Dividend $APE announcement has the entire shareholder community still buzzing, excited to receive their $APE Shares and excited for the future of AMC as a company.

AMC Apes are obviously hoping for a continuation into this next week moving forward… But what should they expect?

Source: Trading view

With all the recent excitement around the new AMC Stock $APE Dividend coming, there are still many concerns regarding this new preferred stock.

The $APE dividend should be delivered to share holders broker accounts in the up-and-coming days but and you should know by now, AMC Stock Shareholders will be included in the Preferred share ‘Dividend ‘coming soon. BUT There has been a lot of confusion around this new ‘Dividend’ that Aron announced on Q2 Earnings day, and for good reason. Most stock market investors are only aware of what a ‘normal’ dividend tends to be.

In a statement from the brokerage Fidelity said: “AMC announced a special dividend of 1 AMC Pf. Equity unit (symbol APE) for each share of AMC common stock outstanding at close of business on Aug. 15. The dividend is expected to be paid at the close of business on Aug. 19. This is not a cash dividend.

There is also a huge controversy about AMC Stock and Synthetic shares ect. There is no way to know what is truly going on in this regard, but the AMC Stock shareholders are convinced that there are nefarious things going on behind the scenes to suppress the share price of the stock.

Adam Aron is the tweet above shared that “Candidly I’ve seen no evidence so-called fake or synthetic shares exist. But many of you disagree. This preferred equity dividend goes ONLY to company issued shares. So, it will have the impact of a “share count” or unique dividend many of you have sought.”

The MOASS or Mother of all short squeeze could still be on the table this year with all these new massive improvements AMC as a company is experiencing as of recent. when it comes to AMC stock and it future. The $72 per share surge AMC investors saw last year might have seemed like a huge jump… But retail investors warn that the $72 per share that AMC saw could be nothing compared what’s to come next.

The up and coming trading week will be one for the history books either way. AMC Stock is riding many bullish catalysts going into the week… The question is… Will they be enough for AMC Stock to short Squeeze?