As you should know by now, AMC Stock Shareholders will be included in the Preferred share ‘Dividend‘ coming soon. BUT There has been a lot of confusion around this new ‘Dividend’ that Aron announced on Q2 Earnings day, and for good reason. Most stock market investors are only aware of what a ‘normal’ dividend tends to be.

There also has been a lot of questions as to what the Apes or AMC Stock holders will be forced to do to receive this so called “APE” Shares.

Fidelity Investments (One of the largest stock brokers) came to twitter to clear a few things up.

Fidelity said: “AMC announced a special dividend of 1 AMC Pf. Equity unit (symbol APE) for each share of AMC common stock outstanding at close of business on Aug. 15. The dividend is expected to be paid at the close of business on Aug. 19. This is not a cash dividend.

They also said “No action is required by shareholders. Since this is not a cash dividend, all shareholders of record on August 15 will receive the special dividend of APE shares on August 19.”

This is great news for Fidelity investment users as it seems like their platform is completly understanding and capable of what is currently going on, and what is going to come with this new ‘APE’ Dividend.

Many Apes are still skeptical as to how smooth this entire process will go…

In the AMC Stock holders defense to the criticism, there have been many “GLITCHES” which seem to still not be able to be explained.

Curious about these so called “Glitches” Here’s a small list of a few.

AMC Apes know that eventually these “glitches” will have to be explained. It’s only a matter of time before the AMC “glitches” 2022 start compounding. What’s important is that retail investors continue to spread the word about the AMC “glitches” and share any and all suspicious stock price, trading volume or short interest data that comes up with others.

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