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AMC Ceo Adam Aron announced that AMC shareholders are going to receive a preferred share ticket symbol $APE start Aug. 22. This ‘dividend’ is something the AMC Stock investors or APES have been begging Adam Aron for quite some time.

Adam Aron announced they will issue 516.82 million $APE shares one for every share of common stock outstanding. So if you have 100 shares of AMC you will get 100 Shares of $APE.

“The preferred shares would be convertible to common shares, but only if AMC shareholders vote to increase the number of authorized shares of common stock.” AMC

This is a huge win for AMC investors, but the true value might not be what you think…

Adam Aron is the tweet above shared that “Candidly I’ve seen no evidence so-called fake or synthetic shares exist. But many of you disagree. This preferred equity dividend goes ONLY to company issued shares. So, it will have the impact of a “share count” or unique dividend many of you have sought.”

Adam Aron has made it clear and public that he does NOT think there are synthetic shares or fake shares. This could be one of two things in our opinion. It could be Adam Aron honestly sharing his thoughts on the idea of fake or synthetic shares do not exist. OR it could be the CEO of a publicly traded company stating something that can protect him legally.

Either way Adam Aron is playing 3D chess and by issuing the $APE Shares will indirectly give us a share recount.


Source: StockSera

Above is a screenshot from Fintel showing enormous numbers of AMC Stock Failing to deliver in the first half of June 2022. These numbers of Shares failing to deliver even seen as high as over 2.6 million shares seen on June 3, 2022.

Why is there such a high concentration of shares failing to deliver for AMC Stock? AMC retail investors have strongly suspected hedge funds of illegally naked short selling the meme stock for a while now. There is good reason and evidence that this could be the case. If hedge funds are in fact illegally naked short selling the stock this can partially explain why the AMC stock price has been driven down. The meme stock investors have been waiting for hedge funds to be held accountable for a long time. Even after many AMC “glitches “, along with probes and investigations by the SEC it still seems hedge funds are being let off the hook time and time again.


A regular short sale is when an investor sells borrowed shares and has agreed to buy the share back later (hopefully at a lower price) which ultimately would net the investor a profit. A naked short sale on the other hand is when an investor bets against a stock without actually borrowing the existing shares first. 

Naked short selling is illegal because of its ability to artificially push down a stock’s price. Essentially short selling creates an environment where investors are not actually borrowing existing shares, but they’re still selling shorts — and as many as they want.

Look for yourself below and ask yourself the question: Is there anything nefarious going on with AMC Stock or not.

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