AMC Stock CEO Adam Aron made it clear to the AMC Stock investors that there is going to be a “pounce” announced soon during or shortly after AMC Ent. reports earnings which is AUG 4, 2022 which has been confirmed.

Source: marketbeat

This “pounce” that Adam Aron speaks of, has had the AMC Stock investors known as the Apes excited and curious to what in the world it could be…

Here are some of the top predictions for What the AMC Stock “Pounce” will be.

  1. The purchasing of Redbox. AMC and Redbox clearly have a lot in common both being in the movie business, and AMC purchasing the entire company or at least buying a major stake in it could make sense in theory.
  2. AMC Stock Reverse Splitting: In finance, a reverse stock split or reverse split is a process by which shares of corporate stock are effectively merged to form a smaller number of proportionally more valuable shares. A reverse stock split is also called a stock merge source (Wikipedia). A reverse split could excited FOMO investors and maybe give AMC the juice it needs to squeeze the shorts. 
  3. Acquisition or Merger with another company. AMC already did this with HYMC and it has been a great relationship as of thus far. With the massive war chest of cash AMC stock has on hand this could be very likely in our opinion… The question would be… What type of company and in what other industry would AMC make a good fit with?
  4. AMC Dividend. AMC Stock used to pay a dividend believe it or not. And even if it’s only a smaller dividend such as a few cents per share, just the announcement itself will indicate profitability and the stock could explode off this bullish catalyst.
  5. HYMC Struck Gold. The newer investment of Hycroft mining or HYMC that AMC invested in a few months back might have struck gold… This could send AMC and HYMC Stock to the moon.


Q3 is starting out with record numbers this year. The film Thor: Love and Thunder was able to help AMC theaters draw in 5.9 million guests over the weekend. AMC’s admissions revenue was double of what it was last year on the same weekend. Thor brought in $143 million in North America alone and brought in another $159 million globally.  On August 4th AMC Entertainment will announce their Q2 earnings for 2022. AMC’s earnings show that movie theaters are still very much so a popular activity for people across the world. After all, what’s better than going to see a good movie, with good company and have some fresh buttered popcorn while doing so?

source: Marketbeat