Adam Aron (CEO of AMC ENT.) posted an interesting tweet recently to say the least! Below the tweet is shown where Aron is quote tweeting an ape who posted a Video of many chess players. Aron in the quote said “By the way… To those in the Twitter-verse, just in case you are unaware, I like to play chess like this guy! My guess is he wins far, far, far more games than he loses.” This has the Apes excited that something big is brewing for the beloved #1 retail investor held stock AMC

This is interesting because Adam Aron has made multiple jabs at the idea that something massive is brewing for the future of AMC and big things to come. Aron has also used the “Chess not checkers” which is explained as “This is chess not checkers.” Which means that the job is way more complicated than it seems, a fast, dynamic process with lots of moving parts. This all points to something that is currently being “hidden” from the Apes or if not out of the spotlight for now at least.

The mainstream media has done everything in their power to clown on Adam Aron and AMC Shareholders throughout the last few years, but the community is arguably stronger than ever before. Maybe it’s time the AMC bears eat crow once and for all. Is Adam Aron giving us a message in which we are supposed to read between the lines to figure out what he is trying to say?

Adam Aron’s Pounce Tweet

Adam Aron also recently tweeted “Wen Pounce” with even more cryptic style text. Mentioning that Q2 earnings will be announced soon and that a major pounce could be on the table for AMC Stock. This pounce will come after a massive rebounding quarter for the movie theater chain which is breaking records left and right. Could this next bit announcement be exactly what AMC Stock needs to finally head to the moon? The apes certainly hope so!


With the major AMC event ahead being the Q2 earnings, there is a lot on the table for the company and of course it’s shareholders. The MOASS or Mother of all short squeeze could still be on the table when it comes to AMC stock and it future. The $72 per share surge AMC investors saw last year might have seemed like a huge jump… But retail investors warn that the $72 per share that AMC saw could be nothing compared what’s to come next.

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