AMC Stock is back in the headlines with a recent high of over $17.50 per share late last week. The movie theater chain has been in a recent slump over the last few months, but it seems that the buyers are getting a little more aggressive during the last few training sessions.

In the chart below we can see AMC broke above a recent resistance level bring the stock back in the range of the recent highs which has the ‘APES’ ready for more!

Source: Marketwatch

The MOASS or Mother of all short squeeze could still be on the table when it comes to AMC stock and it future. The $72 per share surge AMC investors saw last year might have seemed like a huge jump… But retail investors warn that the $72 per share that AMC saw could be nothing compared what’s to come next.

Jim Cramer took to twitter attacking the Memestock shareholders once again. Jim complains that the holders of AMC Stock are bitter and are gamblers and that they target Jim on social media. Jim Cramer has been famous for making horrible trades over the past few years and beyond, so the AMC Holders are hoping that the Jim Cramer inverse could strike again!


Q3 is starting out with record numbers this year. The film Thor: Love and Thunder was able to help AMC theaters draw in 5.9 million guests over the weekend. AMC’s admissions revenue was double of what it was last year on the same weekend. Thor brought in $143 million in North America alone and brought in another $159 million globally.  On August 4th AMC Entertainment will announce their Q2 earnings for 2022. AMC’s earnings show that movie theaters are still very much so a popular activity for people across the world. After all, what’s better than going to see a good movie, with good company and have some fresh buttered popcorn while doing so?

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