AMC Stock CTB or Cost to borrow has hit an all-time high suddenly.

Below in a tweet we have Ortex (Which is one of the leading data aggregators) breaking down what seems to be someone major taking place.

Ortex explains that it appears that AMC’s CTB went from 24.58% to a staggering 475%. Keep in mind, a CTB of anything over 5-10% is already a relatively expensive amount, so a CTB of over 400% is something shocking to say the least.

Source Twitter ortex

Ortex also tries to break down how the CTB numbers are broken down, to try and once again give more context to what is going on with AMC Stock and the insane 475% CTB which is taking place.

Source: twitter Ortex

Something to keep in mind is the accuracy of the data that Ortex reports on. Although many seem to think that Ortex is the top of the game when it comes to data such as short interest, Cost to borrow and other important metrics when evaluating stocks ect. There is also a different school of thought which thinks that the Ortex data could be off, and warns retail investors to only consume this data with “a grain of salt”.

These numbers are shocking to retail investors (Those who hold shares of AMC Stock especially) But nothing is off the table when there are AMC Stock Fails to deliver over 2.6 million as of the latest report Found here: AMC STOCK FAILS TO DELIVER REACH 2,653,787 IN REPORT!

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