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AMC Stock has been a hot topic as of lately. Not only because of all the shorting that has been taking place in the last month, but also the fact that there are almost 191 million shares on loan currently. The retail investors still holding AMC Stock are urgently waiting for the short squeeze.

There is a good chance that institutions have lent out all the shares that were available to lend out at this point and now retail investors or the AMC Apes are likely loaning out their shares through their brokers without even knowing it. This also means that likely retail or individual investors who have bought shares in recent weeks/months have been sold borrowed shares, not actual shares.

Keep in mind that when it comes to Ortex and their data, the Short Interest and what it tells you short statistics and trends are a crucial element in understanding how a stock behaves and how sentiment surrounding a stock is developing. There is a good chance this data could be also messed with or changed a lot of the apes believe.

Source: ORTEX

These shares on loan have to be returned at some point to the lender and those borrowing are paying a pretty penny to borrow them at this time.

AMC Stock’s CTB has also went sky-high as of the last week, up over 95% as of the last 7 days.

Short sellers, those shorting AMC Stock currently are putting their short position at risk here with the Cost to borrow moving up steadily over the last trading sessions.

The standoff will continue for now, who will be the last standing? The shorts or the apes!

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