(Photo source: Fox New Video)

Charles Payne from Fox business has been such a great asset to the AMC stock community, and has been the powerful voice that the retail investors need in a time like the one we are currently in. The mainstream media has been less than fair to AMC Stock in the Apes eyes since the start, but Charles Payne has done everything he can to be nothing but amazing to the AMC and meme stock community. The closer that we seem to get to the massive AMC short squeeze the more we need all hands-on deck.

Below is a new tweet from Charles stating that he loved the new Top Gun Maverick movie and that movies in the theaters will never be replaced by TV. This plays into a larger narrative that the short sellers had at the start of this entire fiasco. The short sellers thought that streaming services such as Netflix were going to crush AMC Theaters and that the movie theater industry was soon to be a thing of the past, which we know now are clearly just not the case.

Charles Also says that he cannot wait to see what all the AMC stock haters will have to say now, and that he actually doesn’t ever listen to them in the first place. The AMC stock haters and short sellers would have never wanted the movie theater industry to have bounced back as fast as it has since the reopening of the country and world. They thought that people would want to consume movies at home which turns out is false.

We have another awesome tweet from Charles to share with you. In the tweet below we even see Charles tweeting with another AMC shareholder saying that he is excited to see some positive movement of AMC but will be “Ready to talk smack at $1,000” per share. This is once again confirming Charles Payne’s true conviction in the play and in the longer-term vision that he and the apes share. The Floor price for AMC (Or the lowest price Apes would be willing to sell for) has been a hot topic since the Apes are awaiting the epic short squeeze. Although $1,000 is not he floor price for most AMC stockholders it is most certainly a number along the way to the sky-high numbers we could see someday soon!

Charles Payne talks about Ken Griffen and what he has done to trading in the shocking tweet down below. This shows how serious Charles Payne feels about the current market structure ect.

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