In the last 12 months of trading, the AMC Apes have reported on various “Glitches” in regard to AMC’s share price as well as other things such as short interest data and fails to delivers. It’s been documented a number of times throughout the last few years that the AMC price will sporadically change or show a much higher price than normal. Apes believe that these “glitches” are quite possibly the true share price of the AMC stock and suspect that hedge funds and large financial institutions may be using illegal trading tactics to manipulate the stock price. 

AMC GLITCHES 2021- 2022

The AMC stock shareholders better knowns as the “Apes” have been closely monitoring AMC’s share price along with other metrics ever since the initial short squeeze frenzy the stock experienced last year. A simply search of “AMC glitches” on reddit or twitter will prove all you need to know about the AMC stock price glitches through screen shots and screen recordings uploaded by Apes themselves. We’ve listed below some of the most common AMC glitches that have been discussed by retail investors over the last year, and have included two of the most recent documented AMC glitch findings by Apes from April and May of 2022. However there are plenty more than these listed below, these just scratch the surface of what’s out there. (Credit AMC STOCK REDDIT)


  • April 27 2022: A glitch on Webull shows the trading volume of AMC jump from 920.4K to 863.29K back to 920.4K within tenths of seconds. 
  • May 4 2022 A glitch showing AMC share price fluctuation between 14.48 and 119.23 to 117.25 to $123.10 and then back down to $15.78. 

AMC Apes know that eventually these “glitches” will have to be explained. It’s only a matter of time before the AMC “glitches” 2022 start compounding. What’s important is that retail investors continue to spread the word about the AMC “glitches” and share any and all suspicious stock price, trading volume or short interest data that comes up with others.

AMC has shown significant growth in not just the share price, but in the business model as a whole since CEO Adam Aron has made it his priority to keep AMC Entertainment innovative and ever expanding. Adam Aron has shown Apes and investors that he will do whatever it takes to take the popular Movie Theater chain company to the next level. The last Q1 report was yet another that keeps Apes optimistic. This is why AMC Apes are confident that these “glitches” are indicative that AMC share price should be much higher. AMC has introduced NFT’s, Cryptocurrencies, branded credit cards, AMC perfectly popcorn, Variable pricing all within the last few years. Despite the apparent AMC “glitches” Apes are confident the accurate stock price will prevail, even if it means continuing to wait. 

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