Charles V Payne from the Making Money with Charles Payne show on Fox Business has been defending and fighting for retail investors from the start of the “meme stock mania” back in the early days of 2021.

Charles was nice enough to utilize his platform on Fox Business as well as his following on his social media pages to put himself on the front lines and stand with the AMC Stock and Gamestop stockholders, and fight for what they believe is right and fair.

In the tweet below we even see Charles tweeting with another AMC shareholder saying that he is excited to see some positive movement of AMC but will be “Ready to talk smack at $1,000” per share. This is once again confirming Charles Payne’s true conviction in the play and in the longer-term vision that he and the apes share.

Even during the recent downturn in some of the popular names like $AMC and $GME Charles tweeted that although he may be down in some of his positions, he is ready to buy more and has money at the ready when the time is right.

Charles Payne has been such a great asset to the AMC stock community, and has been the powerful voice that the retail investors need in a time like the one we are currently in. The closer that we seem to get to the massive AMC short squeeze the more we need all hands-on deck. Retail investors are expecting that at some point AMC short positions held by large institutions will need to be closed. If the share price of the popular meme stock AMC continues to drop, the more collateral will be required of institutions, making it less accessible for institutions and hedge funds to open short positions. THE DTCC recently has increased margin requirements. 

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