The institutional investors are back to buying AMC Stock by the boatloads as of the last few weeks seen here on Fintel but one of the most interesting purchases may be from the largest pension fund in the United States.

California Public pension in America bought a ton of AMC Stock recently, but even more shocking is that they sold off Netflix in the same token.

The pension known as “Calpers” filed these trades which has both institutions and retail investors shocked.

California Public EmployeesÕ Retirement System (CalPERS) offices, in Sacramento, California, U.S., on Monday, September 13, 2010. Photographer: Ken James/Bloomberg

Another thing to keep in mind is this was no small purchase… Calpers bought over 155,000 shares of AMC and this is not the first time they have dabbled in buying shares of AMC stock. They purchased and filed holdings of AMC for multiple quarters in a row now. The asset management company has around $450 Billion dollars AUM (Assets under management) Which makes this AMC Stock purchase even more exciting for the retail investors.

The real question a lot of us have is… Why are they buying so much AMC Stock? Is it to lend the shares out to the short sellers (As we have seen many other institutions do in the past? Or is there something more to this? Are they buying millions upon millions of dollars’ worth of AMC Stock in hope for the Stock to double, triple or even MOASS.

There are many reasons to think that AMC Stock is going to skyrocket any day now. one of the major dates to keep in mind is June 3, when Executive Order 14032 goes into effect.

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