Can you think of an easier way to earn money than by simply running or walking? Most likely no! That’s why the lifestyle app STEPN is gaining rapid traction among investors. STEPN is actually paying users to stay active and healthy. Move-to-earn projects are popular used among developers to increase engagement and entice investors. Here we will discuss more of the increasingly popular app and digital coins STEPN has to offer. 

Move-to-earn lifestyle app known as “STEPN” has recently made headlines with the ability for users to earn digital tokens simply by walking, jogging and running. The STEPN token Green Metaverse Token (GMT) has recently surged 20% reaching over $4 and at one point hitting $4.50.  This is the highest it has hit to date. The surge comes as news broke that the STEPN tokens would be available to trade on the popular U.S based crypto platform, Coinbase.

The other increasingly popular coin from STEPN is a token called the Green Satoshi Token (GST). GST has increased about 6.5% and hit a record high of $7.20. GST is a digital token that current players of STEPN are earning as they stay active outdoors. STEPN allows players to earn money by walking, jogging and running with STEPN’s NFT Sneakers. The move-to-earn token has been a growing  sectors, as it is rewarding players for being active. STEPN is selling non-fungible token (NFT) sneakers, so users can earn tokens as well as STEPN will use the profits to buy back and burn GMT tokens. 

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Currently, the new project is currently in beta and is limited to users who have an activation code to participate. However the project is rapidly growing and has  minted over $32,800  new sneakers in the last few weeks. STEPN is similar to other projects such as Axie Infinity, and users must put an initial capital investment in to play and earn rewards. Users must purchase a STEPN sneaker to play and can then earn the more they walk, run and jog outside. There are different tiers of sneakers users can purchase, the more rare the sneaker, the higher it can yield in earnings. Current users have been excited and have displayed their STEPN profiles which show their physical active and the tokens they’ve received for being active. Players are currently averaging about $20 per day In earnings — however players with top tier sneakers can earn hundreds of dollars worth of GST.

Source: MeoCrypto


Since the STEPN move-to earn sneaker project is currently in beta, players must get an activation code to join. Due to the high demand to join STEPN, the developers have limited the number of daily codes given to 1,000 per day via Discord and  1,000 per day vida Telegram. Another way to get an activation code is to get one from someone  who is a current player and who has earned an activation code through playing. A current player can earn one activation code per every 10 energy spent. Players can only hold one activation code at a time, so they must give it away or use it before they can acquire another activation code. 

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