AMC Stock has had a week that the Apes have been dreaming of all year. Closing out the day (Tuesday March 29th) +0.11 (0.38) with some healthy consolidation after being up over 57% so far this week. AMC is really on the path to a once of a lifetime short squeeze, many of the investors have been saying on twitter as well as on the AMC stock reddit forum. With all of this craziness and volatility, there has also been a few other strange things the apes have caught wind of. Below you see a screenshot from one of the AMC Shareholders where it clearly shows AMC’s share price of $458.96 per share. This clearly is quite a bit different than what AMC’s share price is across other platforms and stock trading brokers. This has the community asking the age-old question… What is AMC’s true share price? And why does it seem like there are price “Glitches” every few days in regard to the share price of their beloved stock.

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This is not the first time the AMC community has witnessed such a “Glitch”. In the past year there has been a laundry list of AMC Stock Glitches ranging from things like the share price being thousands of dollars over the “Real” share price, to other metrics such as the short interest of the stock, showing it twice or three times as high as it has been said to be on that given date. The strangest part about these so called “Glitches” are that they are consistently pricing AMC stock to be worth a lot more money than it is which is oddly enough what the majority of the AMC community speculates is really going on.

I think it is safe to say that the AMC Stock shareholders or the Apes have some trust issues when it comes to stock market and all it entails. This is partial because of past instances like when the buy button was taken away from various brokers during the initial meme stock run up early last year. There have been many reasons of shareholders to think twice about believing everything they see, and maybe for good reason. Maybe all these “Glitches” are nothing more than a software error, or maybe a problem with the code… But something tells us there might be something bigger going on.


AMC Stock is still one of the most popular stocks in the entire stock market with over 220 million in total daily trading volume. The trading Vol have been through the roof. AMC’s mega high trading volume days have been something of the past until just somewhat recently. AMC Stock has been known in the past to be one of the heaviest traded stocks of all times. During the initial meme stock rally back in 2021 AMC Stock was seen to have been traded hundreds of millions of times during a single session. Although high trading volume does not mean a stock is going to increase in value, historically speaking AMC Stock did very well in the past when trading volume was at an all-time high. In the past 5 trading sessions pictured below, AMC’s trading volume is finally starting to look similar to the last major run up back in 2021.

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AMC Short Squeeze Triggers

AMC seems to be primed and ready for takeoff to brand new highs for multiple reasons this week. AMC Stock has recently had multiple “Short Squeeze Triggers” issued by Ortex. The last of these short squeeze triggers were issued on March 22nd for AMC Stock. Ortex issues these types of short squeeze triggers when a stock has a high chance of squeezing in the short-term future. Although these alerts as all things are just a warning that a short squeeze has a chance to occur and does not mean it is going to occur. In the up-and-coming days the entire market is going to have to keep their eyes peeled on AMC stock to see if it has what it takes to make that next gap up.

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