AMC Stock had an incredible trading day today (March 28th) soaring 44.95% in the green and adding over $9.00 in share price. It has been a long road for AMC entertainment and the retail investors cheering on the movie theater company, but it feels like it might finally be getting that kick in the right direction the Apes have been waiting for. Many of the AMC Shareholders better known as the “Apes” are almost positive that AMC Stock is heading directly to fresh new highs sometime this week. The retail community famously owns the far majority of all AMC shares which was mentioned in the last earnings report, so if they want AMC Stock price to move, they have the power to do so.

Source: Google Stocks

Some Key takeaways for AMC Stock as of today are the following:

  • 44.95% gain in a single trading session (March 28th, 2022)
  • Closed at $29.33 per share
  • Shares on loan (Most to date) 137.91 Million
  • Estimated short interest of FF 20.81%
  • $Hymc bullish catalyst
  • Gamma squeeze triggers
  • Much more.

AMC Stock is still one of the most popular stocks in the entire stock market with over 220 million in total daily trading volume. AMC’s mega high trading volume days have been something of the past until just somewhat recently. AMC Stock has been known in the past to be one of the heaviest traded stocks of all times. During the initial meme stock rally back in 2021 AMC Stock was seen to have been traded hundreds of millions of times during a single session. Although high trading volume does not mean a stock is going to increase in value, historically speaking AMC Stock did very well in the past when trading volume was at an all-time high. In the past 5 trading sessions pictured below, AMC’s trading volume is finally starting to look similar to the last major run up back in 2021.

Source: TD Ameritrade

The Gold mine that AMC owner Adam purchased recently could be partly to blame for this massive runup in share price. As many of you know by now CEO Adam Aron announced to Twitter that AMC is purchasing a 22% stake in the gold and silver miner company, Hycroft Mining Holding Corp (HYMC). This seems to have been an important catalyst for AMC Stock as since this news has been released, it feels as if things are starting to go into motion for AMC Stock as well as some of the other names like GameStop. Adam Aron also took to twitter explaining his joy that Hycroft Mining $HYMC was able to raise a whopping $195 Million dollars in just a matter of two weeks. This feels like the bullish catalyst that can start the short squeeze all the AMC Stock investors have been waiting for.