Citadel Securities, which is owned by billionaire Ken Griffen has had an interesting last few years of being in the spotlight to say the least. The battle of retail investors vs the hedge funds start during the initial meme stock run up back in 2021 and has been in the headlines ever since. In short the retail investors who bought shares of companies such as AMC stock or Gamestop back in 2021 feel as if the billionaire hedge fund owners continue to get away with grey area business whist retail investors suffer. The AMC shareholders or the “APES” continue to do deep research on the daily and continue to dig up irregularities in the stock market, such as these recent AMC Stock “Glitches” which showcase AMC’s share price much higher than it is said to actually be.

AMC Purchases 22% Stake in Hycroft Mining $HYMC

Last week CEO Adam Aron announced early this morning via Twitter that AMC is purchasing a 22% stake in the gold and silver miner company, Hycroft Mining Holding Corp (HYMC). Aron took to twitter stating

“AMC is playing offense again with a bold diversification move. We just purchased 22% of Hycroft Mining (HYMC) of northern Nevada”. 

This came as no surprise to the AMC Stock Shareholders as CEO Adam Aron has been on the front lines playing offense for AMC ever since the initial run up of the share price last year. The future is still unknown exactly what the two companies have in store for shareholders, but the apes APES have faith in Adam Aron to lead the pack in the right direction to profit. On the other side… No one expected to see Citadel on the institutional purchase statement days before this AMC and Hycroft deal went live…

A quick look into Fintel’s recent institutional filings will show all the ownership of $HYMC Stock…

Source: Fintel

Some of the names on this list might seem shocking, as these are some of the same companies that have been shorting meme stocks for the last few years. We see that Citadel holds an almost 50,000 share stake in Hycroft Mining which was filed on the 14th of March 2022.