The AMC stock shareholders better known as the “Apes” have been watching AMC’s share price along with other metrics closely ever since the initial short squeeze frenzy the stock along with others experience last year. AMC has experienced significant growth in share price as well as growth in the underlying business over the last year due to Adam Aron (Amc’s Ceo) innovation in the company and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the company back to pre-pandemic levels.

What is Happening with AMC Recently?

AMC stock has been trading lower as of recently which comes as a surprised due to all of the rather bullish catalyst AMC’s CEO Adam Aron has been reporting on since the Q4 earnings. Adam Aron suggests that since the movie chain is now netting a positive cash flow, this will allow them to continue to pay down debt and increase investments into the growth enhancement of the business and focus on revenue growth. Recently we’ve seen AMC entertainment continue to innovate the company. AMC has introduced NFTS, Cryptocurrencies, Branded Credit Cards, AMC Perfectly Popcorn, Variable Pricing, and Recovery, Agility & Transformation.


In the last 12 months of trading, the AMC Apes have reported on various “Glitches” in regard to AMC’s share price as well as other things such as short interest. In the tweet below you see AMC’s short interest of the free float reporting over 40%!

In this recent Screenshot, you can see clearly that AMC stock’s share price is over $41,000 dollars per share!


Large List of Other AMC Stock Glitches

Here are all of the glitches I have been able to find any information on


As noted previously, there a too many “Glitches” to keep count. It does seem very odd for a stock to have so many glitches in a short time frame. Regardless of what is truly going on, the AMC stock Apes will get down to the bottom of this sooner or later.

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