When it comes to investing into Crypto currencies in 2022, it feels as if everyone we see online is turning $100 into $1,000,000 dollars within no time. Massive money has been made in the last year when it comes to crypto and alt coins but what we don’t hear a lot about is all the money that has also been loss over the last year. who agrees that it feels like every time you open youtube, twitter or really any social media platform you see another 18-year-old who turned rags to riches investing in crypto? But just as mostly everything we see on social media: we only see the highlights and the good things going on in people lives. The truth is not everyone who has bought crypto has turned nothing into something in no time. When it comes to Shiba Inu (one of the most popular tokens and # 14 market cap seen on coinmarketcap) the end goal or the dream is to see Shiba hit $0.01.


Shiba Inu $0.01 (Long term goal)

With around 549,063.28B SHIB circulating currently and with the price sitting at $0.00002712 It might seem like a stretch for it to hit $0.01 per token. But with a market cap of $14,892,880,919 Shiba Inu and the insanely strong community is proving that the token might have what it takes to become the largest name in the entire crypto space. Shiba Inu already has a massive fanbase, already has a massive market cap, and has very healthy trading volume not the mention the amount of bullish catalyst we see on the daily. The crypto market has been on a rough ride over the last few weeks, but Shiba Inu has performed quite decently over the past month.


Long term outlook

With the long term goal of one penny per token being from and center for Shiba Inu, investors have to decide whether or not they would be willing to hold onto Shib long term and allow the token to develop or if they are not willing to wait to see what happens in the future. With all of the promises Shiba Inu has ahead, it’s going to be a wild ride ahead. The metaverse integration with Shiba Inu could easily be the thing that send this token to record high numbers. The Shiberse is going to be critical for the future of the token and very exciting for the community to say the least.

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