AMC is the largest Movie Company

It’s finally here, what we’ve all been waiting for — AMC’s Q4 Earnings call scheduled to occur in March, which means it’s just a few weeks away. Cumulatively AMC has about 950 theaters and 10,500 screens, making it the largest movie company across the globe.  AMC has been a high-profile stock for retail investors ever since the movie company nearly went bankrupt in 2020 and hedge funds began to heavily short the stock. Currently AMC’s short interest is at 22% which is more or less at an all-time high making a short squeeze highly likely . Also we’re seeing that retail investors are holding on stronger than ever — ready to cash in on some well deserved profits in at any moment as soon as the highly anticipated short squeeze could occur. 

Ortex signaling a short squeeze trigger

What to Expect

Retail investors have high hopes for this Q4 earnings call due to the fact that AMC has made impressive progress over the last year. CEO and President of the company Adam Aron has taken the bull by the horns to lead this company out of the dark, which gives retail investors confidence to keep holding the stock. AMC financials continue to improve, at the end of Q3 AMC had  $1.8 billion in liquidity. In the Q3 earnings report CEO Adam Aron says,

”Our financial results continue to improve. More and more major films are on the docket for release in the remainder of 2021, and throughout 2022. One can see and feel that our industry and our company are on a path of recovery and improvement”. 

AMC projected Q4 to bring in 1 billion in revenue, which may very well be the case considering the trend that we saw with Q1, Q2 and Q3 earnings reports.

Source: Chief Ex magazine

Earning Report Trends for AMC

In Q1 of 2021 we saw that AMC food and beverages sales were up by 45% and the company was able to raise over $2 billion in cash to keep them from going bankrupt. AMC continued with that momentum into Q2 when they announced that they were going to accept Bitcoin at their theaters — a huge headline that shows just how committed CEO Adam Aron is to make sure the company adapts to the times, as we know the cryptocurrency space is erupting. In Q3 AMC reports that they generated $763.2 million in revenue, which is an increase in 81% from Q2 and and increase in 488% from Q1 — absolutely insane! AMC has introduced signature power recliner seats, enhanced food and beverage choices and continues to improve loyalty and subscription programs for users. AMC continues to impress retail investors and has everyone hyped for the upcoming earnings call.

Source: The business journal
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