Amc Stock has had quite a volatile week closing out the week over 20% in the green. The Amc holders have been anticipating a short squeeze for a long time now due to the high short interest the stock has had for around an entire year now. Ortex is a popular data tool to monitor various stock’s short interest and recently they tweeted out something very important to Amc shareholders.

In the past Amc stock has experienced violent surges in price and this has been partially due to the increase in short interest on the stock. The Amc shareholders monitor the short interest very closely and use it as one of many metrics on how they expect the stock to trade on any given day. In the past when Ortex has issued “ShortSqueeze Signals” Amc has been massive increases in share price.

AMC stock is for the retail investors out there that want to see large fasts changes in their portfolios. This trade is for who are willing to take a little risk to multiply their investment through a short squeeze play that could happen any moment now due to the high short interest the stock has.

These types of trades are hard to come by and short squeeze plays are a long commitment with incredible upside.

As of today Amc stock has an Estimated #ShortInterest 21.62% of Free Float which is very close to the all time high in short interest for the stock. If the short sellers keep piling on amc and the price does not move down but instead up there could be a very high possibility of a short squeeze or a “MOASS” Mother of all short squeezes which could send Amc stock to new all time highs.