Hedge fund Melvin Capital has had a rough time in the market to say the least. 2022 is no different with a over $1 billion dollar loss the fund has seen in just the first three weeks of the year. The hedge fund lost 53% in January as the risky shorting of gamestop stock continues to hurt the fund. In the past months there have been a number of hedge funds that have closed their funds which has investors wondering if their money is safe in the market with certain money managers at this time.

At Melvin Capitals worse they were losing around $1 billion dollars per day as the retail investors “Apes” banded together to take on the hedge funds shorting Gamestop Stock, AMC Stock along with many other names which had and in some cases still have very high short interest.

The investing landscape has changed a lot in the last few years and retail investors seem to be more in control of their investing than ever before. Retail investors in 2022 are going to have to decide whether or not they feel safe investing in some of the hedge funds which are partaking in risky investment strategies.